New Artworks Resin Acrylic Painting

By admin on September 4, 2017 in News

It has been an interesting 9 months! I took a break from painting and focused on launching a brand called NGANI. A product that I absolutely love and adore and have a large collection of which is a silk scarf. I wanted to create a brand that was luxury and  100% manufactured in Australia. The story behind NGANI is extensive and you can follow the story via Instagram

What has taken place since taking a break from art, is that new ideas have began flooding in. This was interesting! I began being drawn toward new methodologies of creating and expressing. I began observing the idea of what we hold dear and how those items create the energy within our bodies and thus reflect outwardly.

The fascinating aspect of allowing is that when you let go of something and take new directions, you now walk on a terrain that is unfamiliar and thus in that process you are faced with needing to grow, to upskill, to forge new pathways and to question the old.

The truth is that we rarely do anything in life without some gain to ourselves, no matter how big or small. In my decision to launch NGANI brand, I had to confront and deal with old ideas. Once I managed to find the ‘puppet master’ so to speak and moved through that resistance, I wonder all along why I never did that process sooner. When we walk a path of irrationality, we tend to live a life of avoiding pain. Versus when we walk the path of curiosity and fun, we then become cognisant of life aiding in our growth.

Thus my new artworks, currently being created, are a vision for a future show called, “Memories”

The artwork below, ‘Play The Game II’ acrylic and resin, 20cmx25cm is a reflection of my favourite baseball cap, that has played a varied role, it has gifted me safety, allowed me to move, provided rest, gained speed, cleared confusion, expanded expression…..The list is endless.

NOW artworks can be purchased via Bluethumb Still in the process of uploading the art as well as creating each peace, so stay tuned.

Have a wonderful creative week.

My love to all,