Have I Done Enough? – Courage is Contagious, it needs action

By admin on September 6, 2017 in News

Have I done enough, I wonder?

The truth is that we rarely do anything without some gain or benefit to ourselves. We frequent restaurants, we love the way that particular food makes us feel. We listen to music, we love how it takes our minds, bodies feel. We go for a drive, we love the feeling of freedom, exploration. There is nothing inherently wrong with this at all! The point is that we need to look at every situation from a perspective of, ‘how can I overcome my inertia?’ From this point, we have began to understand the importance of releasing the negative from within us and allowing more of the positive to fill our minds, body and spirit. There is a difference between masking our pain and looking for substitutes, such as the distraction of music, food, outings, versus acknowledging our pain and looking toward ideas in which we could restore, integrate, rejuvenate and relinquish.


Implementing actions that are not measurable by outside standards, for me, have always been far more important. For example, I could be in a sea of people and I would be the only one that would know how joyful my heart is, how accomplished I feel in what I managed to overcome today, how light my mind, body and spirit is in the restoration and disinfection of my inner negative vampire.

And so the question, “Have I done enough?” brings me back to my alignment of direction and vision. Have I done enough is a constant loving interrogation of self,  have I allowed my full 100% creative self to do the best that it can, or had I placed a filter of, “it’s ok”, so that I wouldn’t need to inquire after the doubt that lurked in the creation of my idea. Have I done enough, brings into question, why I am not executing that project, knowing that it’s possible, it examines what is holding me back, it dissects the possibilities and the impediments of the bottleneck. In short, what are you fearful of?

When you begin to ask yourself, ‘Have you done all you can do?’ now you begin to become aware of your habits, the milestones, the learning that is necessary, the dedication, the upskilling you require, the barriers that you need to push to see the other side and the more you do this, the lighter and clearer you become. My definition of this process is similar to the life of an extreme sports individual. That is, if I don’t jump I will never know my strength, my courage, my capability, my knowing, the feeling of gliding/freedom and while I will do my homework of the risks involved, I trust my abilities and also know that my first attempt will be the hardest and thereafter I will do it again and again and again.

Courage is contagious!