My Art For Sale on Bluethumb

By admin on September 8, 2017 in News

My art selling online.

Will the galleries of the future be the blockbuster stores of today (i.e non-existent)? For all the youngsters out there, Blockbuster was a chain of stores where you could rent movies, new releases, old films etc.

In the spirit of the world being on-line, why not have art become part of that process?!

The process begins in asking yourself, ‘with whom to partner?’, and establishing this relationship is no different than when you physically meet with a Gallery Owner. You simply find a click and you know that the energies match.

For me Bluethumb and I connected. They have a great payment system (for both customer and artist), shipping and web development, as well as marketing. So for me the choice was simple, Bluethumb it is. While at present they do not offer sales internationally, no doubt with expansion and support, that might be something on their radar.

Check out some of the art on offer and imagine how these works can brighten up your contemporary or traditional living space.


For example; I love mixing tradition #art and #industrialdesign. Softening any harsh material with artworks depicting Nature, brings a holistic balanced feeling to a modern space. Check out the painting that I am referring to on Japanese Blossoms