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Begin any painting and the first mark is always the most difficult! Your gut reaction tells you, ‘ don’t worry, the first mark isn’t final’, so I KEEP GOING. Instinctively I understand that more work needs to be created, that paint needs to be moved about and so I don’t fuss. I remind myself, allow your flowing intuition to emerge and apply it to your working methodology. I emphasize my mind to not be rigid and flexible to the point of weathering a mind storm. Some days I spend hours mixing colour, tones and hues without covering much of the canvas, nonetheless, daily I  KEEP GOING.

Like a jigsaw puzzle, I start to divide, add, shape each paint stroke into my own puzzle peace and I slowly begin to construct the image I have dreamt in my heart. Each paragraph of my minds story becomes interwoven in the paint. One action at a time, the creation begins to come to life and that heavy pit in the bottom of my stomach, slowly begins to dissipate.

After a long day in the studio, I leave the painting for a couple of days. In that moment, both my heart and mind begin the process of appraising each detail, each colour component, asking myself, ‘Is the drawing still relevant?’ I evaluate the overall feel and construction of the artwork. I take measure of what needs to be changed, refined, if a new direction needs to be established.


Conclusively you understand that flow of the mind and heart is needed. Resilience to trust the process and your capabilities to see this project to the end is imperative. That while the beginning might not make much sense,  you trust your ability and the direction you are heading toward. If you don’t understand something, you have a library of book ideas to learn from. If you feel stuck, at your finger tips a plethora of former artists ready to re-energise your soul.

And while every day, after a long day, you questions yourself, doubt creeps in, each day you know and understand that you did the best to your ability. No matter what the previous day was, the next day you begin again. You take your smudged apron, tie-up a tight knot and begin where you left off .

Entrepreneur and Life aren’t dissimilar!