By admin on October 25, 2017 in News


Palette Knives serve several functions;

  • mixing,
  • scraping,
  • cleaning,
  • painting
  • and adding interesting texture to your artwork.

I love palette knives. They allow me the ability to create crisp colour, something that brushes are not able to provide.


I also love using Palette Knives for mixing purest possible colour.

Working with thick paint or wet-into-wet (as its commonly known) allows me the ability to create;

  • soft peaks,
  • harsh peaks,
  • create a transition between thick and thin paint which adds interest.

The largest benefit that I receive from using the Palette Knife is that it allows me to simplify my subject matter. Even thought in our daily living we perceive life in detail, for an artist these technicalities become reduced to simple squares, rectangles or round shapes. Lines get classified into soft or harsh edges and then the subtle tones get added somewhere in between .

As the painting progresses, I lose the need to refer back to my subject, from here the emotional aspect of painting takes over. I evaluate and adjust my tonal choices based on how the colour, shapes and composition relate to one another. It is a tense and yet satisfying process as every single move I make toward the finish line must fall into the same line of relativity.


Ultimately, my continual focus, even though there are several stages in creating the artwork, I never lose the feeling in which I began to create the painting. That initial feeling is the story line why I chose to paint that subject. Thus just like a novel, once the plot is set, the story will not be changed.


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