I paint because I love story telling!

When I paint I don’t know if I was in front of the easel 30 minutes or 4 hours, I couldn’t tell you. I believe that paintings; open doors to something that makes us wonder, allows our minds to travel, bring about joy. I believe paintings instigate inner-self growth. I believe that paintings have the power to expose our greatness. I believe that paintings bring joy and happiness. I believe art can bring about change, where a painting can change someone’s day, where a day out sketching in the park can inspire someone’s life, “look dad a real artist”. This little boys comment certainly brightened my day. I believe that when I paint, I move away from my own boundaries, allowing the painting to flow to bring about this marvel of ‘excitement’, new opportunities.

My reasons for painting are simple. Through life’s journey, sentimentality never became part of my state of being. Thus I paint in order to preserve and maintain a memory, of places, people and things, through painting I keep the location, the people alive, reminding others of what exists. Once I paint something, I give it life, even if it’s only in my own heart. John Singer Sergeant best sums it up by saying, “every time I paint a portrait I lose a best friend”. ….thus I continue to paint.

2016 Finalist Pirtek Still Life Award Bowral
2015 Semi-Finalist Moran Portrait Award Sydney
2015 Winner – DNA Burrwang Scholarship Burrawang
2014 Winner Tulip Time Portrait Award Bowral
2014 SOLO Exhibition Bowral
2013 Winner – Reg Rowe Scholarship Bowral
2012 Finalist – John Copes Portrait Award Bowral
2012 Finalist – Calleen Art Award Cowra
2011-2012 Agora Gallery, New York U.S.A
2011 Group Exhibition – sohiArt Bowral
2011 Finalist – David Turnbull Portrait Prize Bowral
2011 Group Exhibition – Bell Gallery Berrima
2011 Finalist – Casella Art Prize Griffith
2009 Group Exhibition-Kiama Art Soc. Kiama
2008 Group Exhibition – St George Art Soc. Kogarah
2008 Group Exhibition – Maritime Museum Sydney
2007 Group Exhibition-Maritime Museum Sydney