• The class had a great impact on not only the members of the class but our Shed as a whole! Of all of our activities, nothing has seen such a level of enthusiasm and perseverance and the quality of the results speaks for itself. The Gallery Opening event was a highlight of our year and the Winterfest demonstration was an inspired idea. Thank you for an invaluable contribution. Mirjana your legacy includes the desire of the artists to continue meeting on Friday’s to further consolidate their newly acquired skills and enjoy the atmosphere of the good humour and friendship. We hope to see you back at the Shed at some stage. – E.S

  • The guidance and experience of the tutor has given me, as a monochromatic painter, so much confidence. Being colour blind, the frustration of using colour put any ambition of painting out of the window, that is until I met Mim! She inspires me, she encourages me!. The passion of painting is in her being! – Ray. W

  • I have been a student of Mirjana Psakis for a short time. Mim, as she is known to us, is a dedicated and resourceful teacher and mentor. I did not think I had any aptitude for art, let alone painting in oil, prior to joining Mim’s class. I wholeheartedly recommend Mim as a teacher, who carefully guides students, allowing individual talent and creativity to grow and evolve without imposing any constraints. – Harry

  • I have attended two ten week art courses by Mirjana Psakis and have thoroughly enjoyed them! The classes are informative and helpful in painting skill building. Mim has a passion for art and has vitality. She knows her subject and is able to convey information at the level needed by the individual student. Mim encourages the student to strive without being cranky. Mim has brought out talents in students that hey didn’t know they had. I am really looking forward to doing more classes with Mim – Kris.L


  • We are inspired by Mimi and her artistic journey. Very few have the artistic talent to produce what she does and fewer still would have the courage needed to foresake a lucrative career in finance to explore and expand their real talent and passion. Her work has a wonderful depth of expression and emotion. It is reflected in or perhaps inspired by her engagement with and support of community. She can capture the essence of the person or the landscape. We are thrilled with the portrait of our young daughter and would encourage anyone who may be interested in having a portrait or landscape captured, to do it! It’s a unique and fantastic inclusion for our house. – L.M and R.M

  • In expansive, visionary paintings, Australian artist Mirjana Psakis strives to depict and preserve the humanistic characteristics inherent in the natural world. In bucolic terrains both nostalgic and hopeful, her art contemplates the essential qualities in nature juxtaposed against the destructive creative power wielded by the material human world, and how the two ultimately intertwine. Her paintings depict the fortitude of nature to withstand any despoiling or encroachment, speaking of a resilience that is our best hope for the future of our natural world. A hallmark of Psakis’ work is her ability to capture the mood and the momentary effects of light in her landscape and still-stile, depicting the sincerity, vitality and spirit of each of her subjects. There is a natural rhythm that resonates in her work, bringing each image to life and exploring the many relationships that exist therein. As she explains, ” I love exploiting the cure of nature, like human forms, aiming to align the depiction of nature and humanity as one, and point out that one cannot exist without the other”. – Agora Gallery¬†http://www.agora-gallery.com/